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Dish Network Hopper DVR

By on May 19, 2014 in Dish Network with 0 Comments

The Dish Network Hopper is a whole-home DVR system that gives smooth and uninterrupted playback of all recorded programs for Dish Network users.

Dish Network Hopper DVR

Each Dish Network Hopper can support as many as three “Joeys,” the device that allows you to have DVR in different rooms of your home. The Hopper is capable of holding as much as 500 full hours of high definition programs.

The primary purpose of the Hopper is user convenience: There is no need to watch television at specific times anymore, as you can use the Dish Network remote to set the Hopper to record any programs you like and save them for later. Hopper users can playback recorded programs at their convenience, and may delete programs after watching to save space for future programs.

If there is a specific program that you’d like to watch anytime it’s on, simply search for the program in the menu with the user-friendly remote, then set it to record each time the program appears on the schedule. Users can also set the Hopper for specific times. The Hopper is much like a VCR for the modern era — complete with blazing speed that the old fashioned VCRs could have never hoped to touch.

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