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Digital Stream DTX9950

By on May 19, 2014 in Converter Boxes with 0 Comments

We commend Digital Stream for adding universal functionality to the remote of the DTX9950, allowing owners to use a single remote for turning off and on their TV sets and flipping through channels but we’re just not completely sold on this unit.

Summing up the DTX9950 in two words, it would be, “Good enough”, mostly because of a low picture quality rating on this box, which can be described as average when compared to converter boxes not on our top 5 list.

We were also dissapointed that reception was a bit spotty with the same bunny ears antenna we used with other boxes.

The EPG is below average showing what’s only currently on the channel you’re viewing. If you want to view other channel program information, you’ll have to tune to that specific channel and press info.

Yes, the DTX9950 is an average performer, but good enough to convert your analog television for digital signals.

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