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mediasonic_hw-150-pvrWhat is a Digital-to-Analog Converter Box?
This type of converter box is used to receive digital television signals, over-the-air (by antenna), and then convert the signals for viewing on an analog television set. Other names for this device include: DTV Converter Box, Digital Converter Box, OTA Converter Box, and CECB (Coupon Eligible Converter Box).

The Digital Transition back in 2009 mandated that all high powered broadcast stations stop broadcasting analog signals, and switch to digital only broadcasts. The Government had instituted a Converter Box Coupon Program to provide consumers with $40 rebates to use with purchase on eligible converter boxes. DTV Converter boxes are not compatible with ANY cable service; consumers must acquire a digital cable set top box to receive digital signals from their cable provider.

What is a Digital Cable Set Top Box?

A Cable Set Top Box is designed to receive premium digital cable services delivered via a scrambled (also known as encrypted) digital TV signal by wire to whom a consumer is subscribed to.